About Norvax Fast-Test

Norvax Fast-Test is a rapid, low-cost COVID-19 infection test which will enable test and trace programs and also enable people to enter into confined environments with others, knowing they were free of the viral load infection that day.

Scientists report that most community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus is by so-called ‘superspreaders’ with a higher viral load, by about 2% of infected persons, who may actually be asymptomatic 50% of the time, or more. 

Routine and regular testing for COVID-19 by Norvax Fast-Test can enable the detection of potential superspreaders so they can self isolate and prevent further transmission. Reducing exposure to transmission risk is a valuable public health outcome for all.

The Norvax Fast Test for Covid-19 includes four items

Test Kit
Sterile Swab
Buffer Bottle

Features and Benefits of ECAM FastTest

Low cost

£3.99 per test
(with industrial rebate on pre-orders)

Rapid result

10-15 minutes

Convenient Self-test

Nasal swab in Nose
(anterior nares)

Point-of Care Performance

Competitive, high quality
SARS-CoV-2 infection diagnostic

No user skill required

Home or Business Test

Results Recorded for Free

Personal results may be recorded on free “CHEC” mobile app: Covid Health Examined Certificate (CHEC). Private data for personal use
(GDPR regulatory compliant)

Performance Validation

Prior to delivery, technical test performance validation will conform with Gov UK published Guidance

Invented and Developed in the UK

Development contract with DHSC

(licensed to Norvax)

Use Case Examples