Tina Melhus RN

Administrative manager (Director)

Tina Mehlus is a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Graduate of Oslo Met Klinisk Forskning og Fagutvikling, with a degree from Nurse Høyskolen i Oslo og Akershus (2014/15) and a Nursing Internship at Oslo Rikshospitalet (2016). Tina has 2 years practical nursing experience in Care Homes, including recent Covid-19 outbreak experience at Care Homes, in Oslo. Tina has 9 years of practical business and customer experience including business management, project leadership, bookkeeping, accounting, customer service, teambuilding, product management and shipping, and day-to-day operations of clinical services. Tina was a volunteer educator and team member for disadvantaged (poor) preschool children in Ecuador (2008). Tina is currently engaged in a Bachelor thesis for Animal Therapy and Quality of Life in Nursing Homes, with an internship at the Infectious Disease unit, Rikshospitalet.